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2015’s Tallest Buildings

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432 Park Avenue will be the largest residential building in the Western Hemisphere once completed 432 Park Avenue will be the largest residential building in the Western Hemisphere once completed CIM Group

CNN recently compiled a list of the world’s tallest buildings scheduled for completion in 2015. The top ten list is dominated by China and the Middle east which each having four and three representatives on the list respectively. The Vostok Tower and the OSO-South Tower, both being built in Moscow, provide Russia with two buildings on the list, and North America’s lone representative comes from 432 Park Avenue in New York City.

The Shanghai Tower is the tallest structure to appear on the list. It is currently the tallest building in China and the second tallest building in the world behind the Burj Khalifa. The 2,073-foot tower, designed by Thornton Tomasetti, actually reached its peak height back in 2013, however, the building will not officially open until next year. Its 128 floors will be home to a mix of hotel and office space. The Shanghai Tower’s reign as China’s tallest building will be short-lived, however, as the 2,749-foot tall Ping An International Finance Center building is expected to be completed in 2016.

432 Park Avenue, located in Mid-town Manhattan, will be the second tallest building in New York when finished. It will also be the third tallest building in the United States behind One World Trade Center and the Willis Tower. The building’s roof height is actually taller than One World Trade Center, however, its official height of 1,396 feet is 380 feet shorter than the tip of One World Trade Center’s spire. The tower’s foundation began being poured in late 2011 and the building is expected to open for occupancy this coming spring. The residential building will have 125 condominium units spread over 96 stories. The six-bedroom penthouse was sold for $95 million.

Click here to see CNN’s complete list.


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