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Video: World’s First Peak-Peak Suspension Bridge Opens

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The bridge is free to everyone and offers views of 24 mountain peaks The bridge is free to everyone and offers views of 24 mountain peaks

The world’s first peak-to-peak suspension bridge opened in Switzerland yesterday. The bridge’s 351-foot span is only 31 inches wide and it is located 9,800 feet above sea level. Anyone brave enough to cross the Peak Walk at Glacier 3000 will take in incredible views of the Swiss Alps including 24 peaks including Mont Blanc and Matterhorn. The ski resort opened this past weekend and the resort’s owners plan to keep the Peak Walk at Glacier 3000 open year round, weather permitting.  And the best news of all is it is free for everyone.

The bridge took a little over a month to build with construction starting in early September. It is designed to hold three hundred people but the resort’s owners will limit capacity to 150 for the convenience of its guests. It was also designed to withstand wind speeds of 120 mi/hr. The bridge has a main suspension system of four ropes with 45 mm diameter and has a maximum slope of 15%.  The video below gives viewers a feel for what it looks like from the bridge.

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The Peak Walk at Glacier 3000 opened yesterday and plans to stay open year round Glacier 3000

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