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$4 Million Needed to Save Bay Lights on Bay Bridge

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The Bay Lights were installed in March of 2013 The Bay Lights were installed in March of 2013 Liz Hafalia, The Chronicle

The creators of the Bay Bridge’s “Bay Lights” have until the end of the year to raise $4 million to keep their changing light display from coming to an end. The Bay Lights have been around since March of 2013 and are operating on a two-year permit. The system was privately funded and cost $8 million to install. They are made up of 25,000 LED lights that are attached to 300 cables on one side of the bridge’s western span. Artist Leo Villareal programmed the lights to constantly change patterns from dusk until dawn each night.

If the light’s creators cannot come up with $4 million by the end of the year, the lights will be dismantled in early March of next year.  While the creators do not think the lights will be a permanent fixture of the bridge for years to come, they would like to extend the Bay Lights permit and keep them around for a few extra years.  Many residents of the Bay Area feel the light show is cool and should be kept. Illuminate Arts, the nonprofit that created the Bay Lights, attempted to crowdsource funding for the lights but the response was underwhelming.  They are now looking for bigger donors to help keep the lights going through 2026.  They are hoping to at least be able to keep the lights on until the Super Bowl comes to the Bay Area in February of 2016.

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