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China Opens Glass Suspension Bridge

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Two people crossing the bridge stop to look down at the ground below Two people crossing the bridge stop to look down at the ground below CEN

After the success of the Tianmen Mountain Skyway in Zhangjiajie, China, Chinese engineers have opened a new glass suspension bottomed bridge. This time, though, the bridge is only 180 meters above ground level instead of 900 meters like the Tianmen Mountain Skyway. The bridge stretches between two mountain peaks in the Hebei Province and spans 300 meters. It is 2.3 meters wide and is estimated to have cost $42 million.  

Unlike the Tianmen Mountain Skyway, which is securely attached to the Tianmen Mountain, the suspension bridge moves in the wind. The bridge was designed in a way so the movement of the bridge deck would not break the glass supporting the people crossing.  Despite being completely safe to cross, many visitors who look down question why they ever wanted to cross the bridge. One has a very scary view of the ground 180 meters below through the crystal clear glass.  One person who did cross the bridge said: "I was fine at first but by the time I was a third of the way across I was just weak at the knees. I had to go back when it started to move and needed a lot of coaxing from my boyfriend.”  If people need help along the way, the operators of the bridge have specially trained staff to go out and help people complete the journey.


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