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Australian Real Estate Firm Unveils Cliff House Concept

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Australian real estate firm Modscape unveiled the plans for a dream house concept attached to the side of a cliff. The designs are meant to show potential buyers how Modscape can create homes located near some of Australia’s coastal areas, or in this case attached to the side of a cliff. Modscape specializes in custom built sustainable modular architecture. The house is made from prefabricated pieces and is attached to the cliff by steel pins. While some might be to scared to enter the home from fears of the house falling into the ocean, former president of the Royal Insitute of British Architects Maxwell Hutchinson believes that design is structurally safe.

The house is five stories tall with an elevator and staircase connecting each floor. Residents can park their car on the top floor and then enter the home.  The designers tried to make the house feel like an extension of the cliff and not detract from the ocean view so they decorated it with as little furniture as possible. The bottom level is an open patio with a Jacuzzi. Although this house is not going to be built, it will still be used to inspire buyers with enough money who want amazing coastal views to build their dream home. It will be interesting to see if anything simliar to this house gets built. Check out more of Modscape's designs here.

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