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Video: Amazing View From Top of John Hancock Antenna

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The video is shot from the top of the west antenna The video is shot from the top of the west antenna villaverdone

Chicago Ironworker Danny Drozd has spent 13 years working on various jobs around the city of Chicago including the Trump Tower, McCormick Place, and other skyscrapers.  He realized he had a tough time explaining to his friends what an ironworker does so he decided to attach a GoPro to his helmet one day and show what them what his day at work is like at his newest project.  Last week he posted the video to Youtube and it already has 300,000 views.

The video starts with Danny sitting near the top of the west antenna above the John Hancock Building.   According to the video’s description, the two workers are “making notch cut of the top cap west antenna on the John Hancock Building so that mast can be installed to start removal of the top sections.”  The video has some incredible views of the city and Lake Michigan as well as Michigan Avenue below. Drozd says he spends up to seven hours per day on the antenna, but he does get a specialized chair to sit on that he says is comfortable.  When asked about if he ever gets nervous or scared at work Drozd saud, "There’s a fear, but it's a safe fear and it keeps you safe.  You can never let that fear get in the way of the task at hand. It just can’t overwhelm you. I'm not going to call myself fearless because I'm not.”  The video can be found embedded under Media below.

Sources: Red Eye ChicagoGizmodo

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The video shows a typical day atop the John Hancock antenna L1irnwrkr

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