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US Infrastructure Spending Drops Dramatically Over Last 4 Years

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US infrastructure spending has decreased over the last 10 years US infrastructure spending has decreased over the last 10 years BCA Research 2013

A new chart released by BCA, an independent investment research company, shows that infrastructure spending on non-defense structures has seen a significant drop from roughly $325 billion in 2002 to under $250 billion in 2013.  It is important to note that this data includes both state and federal spending.  State investment in infrastructure has been very low since the recession began, and it is expected that this spending will increase in the future.

This is an alarming trend as the American Society of Civil Engineers 2013 Report Card report says Congress needs to spend close to $450 billion per year to have our infrastructure at a reasonable level by 2020.  The report, released in March, details how the United States will have to spend a total of $3.6 trillion over the next seven years to receive a “B” grade on the country’s roads, bridges, and water works.  Currently the country receives a “D+” overall grade, which is an improvement from the “D” grade it received in 2009.  America’s highest subcategory grade was a “B-“ in solid waste disposal and lowest grade was a “D-“ Inland Waterways and Levees.  The country’s bridges received a “C+.”

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