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Organic London Skyscraper Concept Unveiled

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The Organic London Skyscraper would continue to grow as more and more materials are recycled The Organic London Skyscraper would continue to grow as more and more materials are recycled Chartier Corbasson

French architectural firm Chartier-Corbasson has joined in on the green structures trend by unveiling their own concept for a building made from the recycled waste of its occupants. The idea turns the traditional skyscraper financing model on its head by using the paper and plastic waste from current residents to build panels for the building’s continued construction and growth. As more and more material is recycled from the tenants, the building would keep adding floors. Thus, the faster people move into the building, the faster new floors can be added. Chartier-Corbasson believes there would be enough material produced in one year by the building’s residents to create the building’s facade.

To further lower the costs, build the concept and increase efficiency of recycling the tenants’ waste, Chartier Corbasson would like to collect waste materials in the building and then refabricate them onsite into construction panels. The architectural firm believes the average office worker uses 80 plastic bottles and 75 kg of paper throughout the course of a year, which can be recycled into one and two insulated panels respectively. The building would use a scaffolding structural system that would remain intact after the construction of each new floor was completed. The bamboo scaffolding used on many buildings in Asia inspired the architects when they were designing the building’s exterior. The scaffolding tubes would be prefabricated, one size, and easy to assemble. According to the architects, “The building's design includes landings, lobbies, and spaces for areas such as gyms, conference rooms, restaurants, bars and an observation platform.”  Chartier Corbasson is currently looking for investors for the project and are also trying to decide on a location for the building.

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