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Video: Maracana Staircase Wobbles Under Fan Weight

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The view from under the staircase The view from under the staircase

While the World Cup has gone smoothly for the most part over the last ten days, there has been one makeshift staircase that made the headlines for safety concerns. The video below shows footage taken by a Brazilian photographer of fans heading from the Maracana Stadium, the 79,000-seat stadium in Rio De Janiero that will host the final match of the 2014 FIFA World Cup, to the nearby metro stop. The metal staircase is swaying from side to side in the video from the weight and movement of the fans. People who used the staircase after Argentina’s 2-1 win over Bosnia-Herzegovina also said the satir's wooden planks move when just one person is walking on them.

Brazilian officials released a statement on the Tuesday after the game saying the staircase was inspected and reinforced for safety. Some have questioned the Brazilian government about why the VIP area has a newly constructed concrete staircase leading away from the stadium while the staircase that the majority of fans attending the game used was an unsafe, temporary structure. Other reporters have pointed out that the staircase was still under construction and ropped off in the days leading up to the tournament.  The photo above shows the staircase after it was inspected and repaired on Tuesday. Please see the video of the staircase wobbling under the fans weight embedded under Media below.

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The video shows the metal staircase moving while fans try to access the metro station Diego Julio

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