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Tuesday, 10 June 2014 10:28cat

Paris Bridge Railing Collapses Under Weight of "Love Locks"

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There are over 700,000 locks on this Paris Bridge There are over 700,000 locks on this Paris Bridge Johnny Jet

A bridge crossing the Pont Des Arts in Paris was evacuated briefly yesterday after the bridge’s railing collapsed.  The 2.4-meter section of collapsed railing failed due the weight of the “love locks” that were attached to the railing.  The bridge is famous for the “locks of love,” and each year thousands of couples from across the world demonstrate their love for one another by locking a lock to the bridge and throwing the key into the water.  The tradition started in 2008 and now the bridge’s entire 150-meter span is covered in locks.  Similar bridges with “locks of love” can be found in China, Germany and Russia.  There were roughly 700,000 love locks attached to the footbridge railing when it collapsed.

Police officers briefly closed down the bridge after the railing collapsed.  Luckily the railing collapsed onto the bridge and not any boaters below.  An architect arrived on scene to help close the bridge and put up a temporary barrier over the railing.  Police said the bridge would reopen today.


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