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How Big Will Godzilla Be In 2050?

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The chart shows the sizes of each Godzilla since 1954 The chart shows the sizes of each Godzilla since 1954 Deep Sea News

Deep Sea News recently posted an article about Godzilla’s increasing size through the years. The full article can be found here.  The author of the post uses statistical analysis and some biological rules to conclude that Godzilla will be roughly 288 meters tall in the year 2050. Another blogger’s analysis from Wired led him to believe that Godzilla will be 170 meters tall in 2050. Either way, it seems that Godzilla has grown at an exceptional rate over the past 60 years since he first appeared as a 50-meter tall monster in 1954.

I recommend reading the post from Deep Sea News as the author does a great job  outlining why Godzilla appears to be following Cope’s Rule and what is driving his ever-increasing size. The author believes that taller skyscrapers have provided more food (people) for Godzilla and thus allowed it to pass more energy to its offspring. The extra energy would make his offspring larger. Skyscrapers like the Burj Khalifa and the proposed Kingdom Tower could lead to a significant increase in Godzlilla’s height and size in the next few movies.  We know that 2014 Godzilla will be 150 meters tall. It's hard to predict the future so no one knows for sure what 2050 Godzilla will be like. Will skyscrapers around the world continue to get taller and thus force an even larger version than predicted above? Or will building heights reach some sort of peak height and then level off forcing us to be terrorized by the same sized Godzilla for a few movies?  One thing is for certain if Godzilla grows to 250 meters by 2050: he would produce about a quarter of an oil tanker worth of urine each day.

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