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Rion-Antirrion Bridge

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Rion-Antirrion Bridge: Views of the piers, in the dry dock, floating, in place and of their interior

Photos taken in October 2001

Photos provided by G. Konstantakopoulos, N. Stathopoulos, J. Simeonoglou.

Texts by G. Konstantakopoulos 

Figure 1: View of the bridge pier, currently under construction, that is currently floating near the coast. Access to the pier is through the ship illustrated in the figure. The ship is modified to allow transportation of the reinforcements using trucks. 


Figure 2: Another pier of the bridge. 

Figure 3: Reinforcement placement in the pier, according to the design. The reinforcement has previously being transported with a truck next to the pier. 

Figure 4: Interior of the pier of Figure 6. The thickness of the reinforced wall is approximately 2.0m.

Figure 5: Interior of the pier. Detail of the pier wall.

Figure 6: View of the piers that are under construction close to the coasts. The right one is the one illustrated in Figure 4 and 5.

Figure 7: View of a pier that has currently touched the bottom of the sea.

Figure 8: Footing of a pier, currently under construction, in the dry dock.

Figure 9: Footing of a pier, currently under construction, in the dry dock. 

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