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Frankfurt Tower Demolition Video

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Thousands gathered to watch the demolition of the Frankfurt AFE Tower Thousands gathered to watch the demolition of the Frankfurt AFE Tower BBC

The following video shows the 116-meter AFE Twoer in Frankfurt, Germany collapsing in just under 10 scond during a controlled explosion.  Over 950 kilograms of explosives were needed to bring down the 32-story, 50,000 ton skyscraper.  

Demolition workers inserted the explosives into 1,500 carefully drilled holes inside the buiding.  The holes were drilled in specific locations to ensure the building underwent a phased collapse within its own footprint.  The crews erected 6-meter high barricades around the building, and they also setup a 250-meter wide excluson zone to protect the public.  The demolition engineers blew up canisters of water to help control the sound waves from the explosion as well as mitigate the enuing dust cloud.  No one was hurt during the process.  The AFE Tower is the tallest building to ever be demolished by a blast in Europe.  The building was originally built in 1972 and was used by Johann Wolfgang Goethe University.  The University moved to a new campus last year, and the building became obsolete.  Originally, the tower was supposed to be demolished gradually over time.  However, many local residents complained, so officials decided to instead use a controlled explosion.  Police estimate that over 10,000 showed up to watch the building get demolished on Sunday morning.

Please find the demolition video embedded under "Media" below.

Sources: DWRT

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The video shows the building demolition Source: YouTube

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