Software title GEO5 Plate
Software Category Analysis of Plates
Provider Fine s.r.o.
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Other Information
Small description Software for analysis of foundation mats and slabs of any shape using the Finite Element Method.
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Main features

  • Automatic mesh elements generator with mesh refinement around points or lines
  • Modelling of subsoil or piled foundation under the plate
  • Concentrated and distributed supports (fixed, spring)
  • Winkler-Pasternak subsoil (parameters of subsoil C1, C2)
  • Simple introduction of beams using cross-section parameters
  • Force and deformation loads
  • Any number of loadcases
  • Arbitrary number of load cases and combinations
  • Automatic generator of load combinations according to EN 1990
  • Determination of required bending and shear reinforcement
  • Data import-export in DXF format
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Created: 2013-11-05
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