Software title 3D - XFRAME3D
Software Category General Structural Analysis
Provider Struct4u b.v.
Software type Commercial
Is Featured No
Price €   3,00
Other Information
Small description Structural analysis and design of complex 3D steel structures and piled concrete foundations. Only pay for use (Pay-Per-Use) at € 3 per hour.
Full description Structural analysis and design software for steel, timber or concrete structures. Our software is reliable, user-friendly, modern and very powerful. You do not have to purchase any licenses or subscriptions. You only pay for use per minute at much lower costs. Guaranteed! You can use all programs when needed anytime anywhere. Also, you can use our software with multiple engineers at the same time using the same credit. That gives flexibility.
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Created: 2018-04-29
Supported Operating Systems
Vista Win2000 Win3x
Win7 Win95/98 WinXP
Software Photos
Plant steel construction
Detail of a floor
Simple hall