Software title Cross Section Analysis and Design
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Small description Arbitrary cross section analysis and reinforcement design under biaxial bending.
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Cross Section Analysis & Design is a powerful application that can perform a wide range of cross section calculations, including the design of reinforced concrete sections (rebar calculator). The given cross sections can be simple or complex and can consist of many geometric entities. The geometry of the cross section can simply be drawn using the versatile featured user interface. The user can also import standard steel sections from a complete shape library according to all major codes (AISC, Australian-New Zealand, BS, Chinese, European, Indian, Aluminum etc.)

There are no limitations regarding the shape, materials or loads of a section, as the program can handle any arbitrary cross section under biaxial bending and axial loads. Among its capabilities, Cross Section Analysis & Design can calculate all sectional properties, plot Moment – Curvature and Interaction diagrams, estimate the location of the neutral axis under given sets of biaxial loads and plot the corresponding strain diagrams as well as the resulting stress contours. The last-named items can also be calculated by providing the location of the neutral axis plane on the section.

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