The International Information Center for Structural Engineers

Bridge Design to Eurocodes. Worked examples

Y. Bouassida,E. Bouchon,P. Crespo,P Croce,L. Davaine,S. Denton,M. Feldmann,R. Frank,G. Hanswille,W. Hensen,B. Kolias,N. Malakatas,G Mancini,M Ortega,J. Raoul,G.. Sedlacek,G... Tsionis.
The Eurocodes are currently in the process of national implementation towards becoming the Europewide means for structural design of civil engineering works. As part of the strategy and general programme for promotion and training on the Eurocodes, a workshop on bridge design to Eurocodes was organised in Vienna in October 2010. The main objective of this workshop was to transfer background knowledge and expertise. The workshop aimed to provide state-of-the-art training material and background information on Eurocodes, with an emphasis on practical worked examples. This report collects together the material that was prepared and presented at the workshop by a group of experts who have been actively involved in the development of the Eurocodes. It summarises important points of the Eurocodes for the design of concrete, steel and composite road bridges, including foundations and seismic design. The worked examples utilise a common bridge project as a basis, although inevitably, they are not exhaustive.