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Shear bolt connection EC3

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Check the shear connection for the IPE450-S275 for the design shear VEd=500KN. Bolts M20-8.8, plate thickness t=20mm.


e 1=60mm > 1.2*do=1.2*22=26.4mm

e 2=50mm > 1.2*do=1.2*22=26.4mm


e 1, e 2< 4*t+40=120mm



ρ1 and ρ2< min(14t,200)=200mm

FV,Rd=av*AS*fubΜ2=(2*0.6*245mm2 *800 N/ mm2 )/1.25=188.2KN


α=min(e1/ 3*do, ρ1/ 3*do-1/4, fub/fu,1)=

= min(60/ 3*22, 100/ 3*22-1/4, 800/430,1)=0.9

k1 = min(2.8*e2/do-1.7,1.4 *ρ2/ do-1.7,2.5)=


Fb,Rd=k1* α *d*t* fuΜb =(2.5*0.9*20mm* 20mm*430 N/ mm2)/1.25=309.6KN

Every bold gets vertical force 500/3=166.6KN and the torsional moment is 500KN*50mm=2500KN*cm and it is assigned at the farthest bolts as horizontal force 2500KN*cm/20cm=125KN.

At the farthest bolts the maximum force is



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