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Contributors Hall of Fame

The founder and the visitors of the website are grateful to the following engineers for providing useful information to us, enhancing the content and improving the quality of the website. These engineers have contributed by proposing useful links, sending photos, papers or other material. This page provides a list of these people who enjoy sharing their experiences, and thus educating their colleagues. We hope that more visitors will follow their example.

Many thanks to (alphabetically):

  • Elkadi Ahmed, PhD, Former Application Engineer at TNO DIANA BV.
  • Mohan Gupta, PhD, Associate Professor, Dept. of Civil Engineering, Bhilai Institute of Technology. India.
  • Subramanian N., PhD, F. ASCE, M.ACI, Computer Design Consultants, Maryland, USA.
  • Sundt Peter, BSc in Electrical Engineering, Rice University, Houston, Texas.
  • Tarik Mahdi, PhD, Assistant Professor, Building and Housing Research Centre, Tehran, Iran.