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An explosion at the University of Nevada, Reno, caused the partial collapse of a dormitory building on Friday, July 5, 2019.

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Building collapses in India: At least 14 people dead https://www.thestructuralengineer.info/news-center/news/item/859-building-collapses-in-india-at-least-14-people-dead https://www.thestructuralengineer.info/news-center/news/item/859-building-collapses-in-india-at-least-14-people-dead Building collapses in India At least 14 people dead

On March 19, 2019, a building that was under construction collapsed killing at least 14 people in India.

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Mario M. Cuomo bridge: Corruption investigation due to bolts failure https://www.thestructuralengineer.info/news-center/news/item/818-mario-m-cuomo-bridge-steel-bolts-failure https://www.thestructuralengineer.info/news-center/news/item/818-mario-m-cuomo-bridge-steel-bolts-failure Mario M. Cuomo Bridge

Steel bolts utilized in the new Mario M. Cuomo Bridge, New York City, failed during construction phase, according to reports.

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How drones have affected Construction Industry https://www.thestructuralengineer.info/news-center/news/item/791-how-drones-have-affected-the-construction-industry https://www.thestructuralengineer.info/news-center/news/item/791-how-drones-have-affected-the-construction-industry How Drones have affected the Construction Industry

In the last years, drones have become an advantageous device, widely used in construction industry, that offers vast possibilities and applications.

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4 Dead in Nigerian Building Collapse https://www.thestructuralengineer.info/news-center/news/item/20-4-dead-in-nigerian-building-collapse https://www.thestructuralengineer.info/news-center/news/item/20-4-dead-in-nigerian-building-collapse Site of Building Collapse

A four-story residential building under construction in one of the most expensive communities in Africa collapsed on Tuesday.  Four people are confirmed dead and it is believed that as many as 50 people were still trapped in the building as of Tuesday night.  All of the victims were construction workers who were working on the building.  The Nigerian Department of Occupational Safety and Health are investigating the cause of the collapse and have sent representatives to the site.  The building contractor has also submitted a report about the collapse.  According to the Associated Press, building collapses are not uncommon in Nigeria.

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