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Concrete (3)

Equipment used to prepare concrete specimens, diamond saw.

Production unit of concrete in Patras.

Carrot-shaped sample testing of shotcrete.

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Friday, 09 May 2014 14:01

Carrot-shaped sample testing of shotcrete

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Shotcrete Sample Testing

The slab of concrete (see picture 1) was brought from the construction site. This sample of concrete was used in a tunnel in Attiki Odos. The machine has a rotating pivot. Along with the pressure and the water "cuts" the slab pieces of concrete into carrot-shaped ones.Then, the samples are taken to the machine (see picture 3) in order to be pressed. The values of pressure in which the samples crack, the quality of the concrete used is checked.




Picture #2





Friday, 09 May 2014 13:59

Production unit of concrete in Patras

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Concrete Production Unit Interbeton Inc., Patras

The photos of this text are taken by Dimitris P. Zekkos, during the excursion of the second-year students of the Department of Civil Engineering in Patras University, organized by the Assistant Professor T. Triantafyllou on March 2000.


This unit produces around 150 cubic meters of concrete in a daily basis.


First of all, the aggregates are gradated in three kinds (gravel, sand), based on their volume which are kept in an area above the machine of the picture. A bulldozer picks a quantity of each part and puts it into the machine which is divided into 6 parts (two parts for each kind). Each part ends in an opening at the bottom. The amount of each gradated part, corresponds to a time (controlled by a computer) during which it''s allowed to pass through the opening. The engineer inserts the quantity and the characteristics of the concrete needed and the computer calculates the amount of cement, aggregates and water. 


The water of mud of the first tank goes to a factory for the production of cement. The water of the third tank can be used for the cleaning of the unit. 



With this technique the aggregates are being transferred to the cement mixer where they are mixed with cement and water. Then, as shown in the picture below, a vehicle takes the concrete and sends it to the customer.




Available by the Geoengineer website


This photo shows a diamond saw. It is used for preparing (or coring) rock or concrete specimens. Such preparation is necessary for example for the performance of an unconfined compression test. (In the bottom left of the picture you can see a Marshall test sample) The photo was taken from the Central Laboratory and Training Center of Attiki Odos JV, Athens, Greece.