The International Information Center for Structural Engineers

The cable-stayed bridge, whose collapse killed 10 construction workers, was set to be opened in March as part of a major highway linked to the capital Bogota

The iconic towers, one vertical and the other one tilted, will consist of 68 and 64 floors respectively

Wednesday, 07 February 2018 01:00

Could circular runways revolutionize air travel?

The new airport concept, called ‘the endless runway’, could be used in all wind conditions, since there is always a point without a crosswind on the circular track

The spectacular footpath is 488 meters (1,601 feet) long, breaking the previous record by 58 m (191 feet)

A local architect, with his ‘Opod Tube Housing’ project, aims to build low-cost, stackable apartments using sections of 2.5m-wide concrete water pipes

The researchers have been training a local community living in an area at high risk of landslides to monitor how their main hillside is shifting over time, by sending photos back to them via WhatsApp

The initiative started as a way to deal with the large quantities of waste glass that are produced on the island and stay untreated, ending up into the natural surroundings

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