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Thursday, 07 December 2017 10:50

Meet Gilson's High Capacity Shear Machines Featured

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The High Capacity Direct Shear Machine is specifically designed to measure the total resistance to shear of large, 12in (305mm) square soil samples or within a soil/geosynthetic specimen.

These devices feature the exclusive Karol-Warner CONBELâ„¢ system for loading the large, soil or soil/geosynthetic samples. The specimens are mounted in a two-piece shear ring assembly, divided in half horizontally. The bottom half is held securely in place and a vertical confining force is applied. Horizontal force is then directed against the upper half of the ring to shear the specimen.

 HM-384 and HM-385 High Capacity Direct Shear Machines are capable of applying maximum piston loads of 45kN (10,000lbf), and 90kN (20,000lbf) respectively. Both are ruggedly designed for harsh lab environments. All steel parts are powdercoated, and hard-coat anodized aluminum components resist corrosion. Casters on the machine and Compaction Table make for easy portability in the lab. Compaction Table and Top and bottom Shear Rings are included. Top ring is 12x12x4in (305x305x102mm), and bottom ring is 12x16x4in (305x406x102mm). Software and data cable is also included. A 120psi (827kPa) source of clean, dry, compressed air is required for operation. Inquire for customization options for specimen sizes and operating options.

Read all the specifications and details about The High Capacity Direct Shear Machine s here. 

Source: Gilson 

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