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In the evening of the 9th of May, a large crawler crane collapsed in Varese, Italy while lifting a large section of a new viaduct at the Arcisate Stabio railway yards. The piece of concrete bridge was never put into place, as the Vernazza-owned crane lost its stability and overturned, dumping its load on the ground. Although several people were on site watching the operation, luckily no one was injured. The crane’s operator is also safe, as he managed to get out of the cabin in time, jumping from a height of nearly three meters.

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It is a common phenomenon for the traditional concrete to crack, requiring maintenance and reparations before reinforcement starts to corrode. Luckily, it seems that Delft University microbiology professor Henk Jonkers has found the solution to this problem. Inspired by nature, he developed ‘Bio-concrete’, a new type of material that brings together biology and civil engineering and could save billions in construction costs by improving the lifespan of buildings, bridges and roads. "It is combining nature with construction materials. Nature is supplying us a lot of functionality for free - in this case, limestone-producing bacteria’’, says the professor. 

In 2013, architects Dayong Sun and Chris Precht founded Penda, with the aim to reconnect people with our natural environment through their designs. Since then, the Beijing and Vienna-based architecture firm has become internationally renowned. Perhaps their most inspiring design is the Rising Canes, a structure made exclusively from bamboo and rope which was proposed in Beijing Design Week in 2015.

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Hayward Baker Inc., North America’s leader in geotechnical construction, is pleased to report that John R. Wolosick, P.E., D.GE., presented the Lizzi Lecture on March 30, 2017 at the International Workshop on Micropiles in Vancouver, BC, Canada. is excited to announce the March Newsletter Issue#109

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